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Feel Supported + Cared For as You Create Your Family 
IVF/Fertility + Antenatal Doula Support

IVF and fertility treatment can be challenging both physically and emotionally. As your doula I will support you through every step. Having had my own struggles with fertility, I understand the challenges of trying to conceive, the feelings of uncertainty, and the physical impacts on the body. I also understand that each couple's journey is uniquely their own. I will be there to nurture and support you through every step.

fertility doula support

have continuous emotional support during all phases of your treatment, including office visits, procedures and antenatal support through pregnancy

experience time for recovery during fertility treatments and support with meal preparation, tidying up, laundry and animal care.

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feel supported by local practitioners in the community with evidence-based information, and local referrals for acupuncture, naturopathy, massage therapy, prenatal exercise, and counseling

antenatal doula support

be accompanied to ultrasounds and any prenatal visits + have guidance in creating birth plan, preferences, in creating your nest, and for the first 40 days postpartum 

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IVF/Fertility + Antenatal Support

No contract agreement required. Cost of services will be based on hourly rate and will continue for as long as it is mutually beneficial.


Includes one in-home consultation, with continued emotional and physical support determined by clients individual needs. 

IVF/Fertility Antenatal Support Hourly Fee: $40. 

"(Gina) you're such a blessing to our family.."
-G. fertility client

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