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My Favorite Books 

A list of books I recommend...these are the books that have influenced me in some way, have been affirming, and have supported my journey as a mom, parent, and person in the world. You may find little nuggets, or truths in these books that may support your evolution. I hope you will take the good bits you find and create your own philosophy, beliefs and goals, to support your growth.



"Co-written by Penny Simikin, the matriarch of doulas. Great guide, easy to read and  access."


Fascinating! Based in science but infused with what it is like to be a mother today, the good,

bad and sometimes scary parts. 

Highly recommend this book. Packed with essential, helpful, and evidence-based information for parents without fear or judgement. Just the facts.


Another evidence-based, helpful, and informative guide by Rebecca Fett.  


Wonderful book for families expecting a new baby soon. The Klaus's literally wrote the book on bonding and what it means for babies and their parents. 


Beautiful visual book as well as descriptive information about what our babies are conveying to us...when we listen and observe them.


This is the sleep book I recommend. The "philosophy" respects both parent and child, and is science based, yet intuitive. 


This book helped me greatly when I needed it most, when my children were in their teens. I wish I would have read this book BEFORE I had children.


Daniel Siegel, local Seattlite, and innovative MD in his understanding of children and parents. 


Highly recommend for any family interested in supporting our children in intrinsic learning. Will question what you know and how you were raised.


I have not read this book yet. But, Karlton Terry studies babies' "Brith Mask" A fascinating and intriguing study. May prove to be a good read.


Great book that unravels what lies beyond our child's behaviors. The author offers that often institutional systems are negatively impacting how we respond to our child's needs/behaviors. 


From the authors of the Happy Sleeper Evidenced based and respectful ways to communicate with your children. 

self discovery


For those who are curious about understanding why we do what we do and how to pivot for your happiness. Highly recommend! 


A wonderful book written by an inspiring teacher!  Martin is insightful, clear, and fun in his teachings. 


Salzberg literally wrote the book on Lovingkindness. Real Love is a real treat!


Sobering book, yet inspirational, and will change how you think about time and maybe encourage slowing down? 


It did start with Mark Wolynn...that the hard things in our lives are connected to those who came before us. Great read for those who are curious about why we do what we do. 


First learned about Gabor Mate' and epigenetics from the movie, In utero. Gabor is an innovator in mental health has other great books.

Podcasts and such...


Your Parenting Mojo Podcast 

Jen Lumanlan

I really enjoy this evidence based podcast and so appreciate Jen's commitment to providing quality parenting advice. I always learn something new and thought provoking. You can subscribe through the website or on Apple podcasts and Spotify. 


Evidence Based Birth (EBB) Podcast 

Rebecca Dekker

A great podcast also evidence based about birth and the postpartum time. A most helpful tool for those  interested in birth and babies. 


Unruffled Podcast 

Janet Lansbury

This podcast offers a modern approach to RIE, also known as Respectful Parenting. 


Bridging toward Belonging Newsletter

Brian Stout

Global citizen, husband, father, bridger. Committed to co-creating a world where everyone (& everything) belongs: where everyone is safe, seen, and celebrated - from his website. 

Loads of great information, global thinking, and cultivating curiosity and belonging! 

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Gottman Card Deck Application

Gottman Institute

Helpful tool for couples and families.  We use this application in the Bringing Baby Home Workshop that I teach. 

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Bellingham Birth Collective

Local resource of perinatal practitioners  in Bellingham, WA and the surrounding areas. 

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