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                               Books I love...                          

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Co-written by Penny Simikin, the matriarch of doulas. Great guide, easy to read and to access

The Handbook for the IAIM strokes. I love the forward and is a handy resource for learning massage for your child.

Beautiful visual book as well as descriptive information about what our babies are conveying to us...when we listen and observe them.

Fascinating! Based in science but infused with what it is like to be a mother today. Wish this book would have been available for me to read prior to having my children.

This book helped me greatly at a time when I needed it most....and not when my children were little but when they were teens. I wish I would have read this book before I had children.

The companion to the Bringing Baby Workshop. The foreword is the best....a good tool for parents who do not take the workshop.

Highly recommend for any family interested in supporting our children in intrinsic learning. Will question what you know and how you were raised.

Fascinating, thought provoking, and mind changing for anyone who has children.

Our children's brains, and our brains are helpful to understand and learn how the brain "works." Especially like Siegel's book "Brainstorm."

Great tool...allows parents to find their way to what they believe will support and nurture their babies around sleep.

The RIE philosophy for today. How we nurture and care for babies with respect, I believe is so very powerful and relevant for today....and always.

The RIE philosophy and how to apply it to our toddlers....worth the read. 

Finally a book about DADS! I haven't read this yet, but will update this comment when I's are so important for healthy families-mom's and babies! 

Dr's John and Julie Gottman have devoted their lives to understanding relationships...parents and children.

Have not read...yet! James McKenna has devoted his life's work to co-sleeping and what it means for families and babies.

Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers

by Nancy Mohrbacher (Author), Kendall-Tackett PhD IBCLC, Kathleen (Author)Newman MD, Jack (Foreword)

Mohrbacher's book is my preferred book for learning and understanding breastfeeding. A great guide for moms and families.

Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple

by Nancy Mohrbacher (Author)

The companion to Mohrbacher's book for moms who are going back to work and want to continue breastfeeding.


Wonderful book for families expecting a new baby soon. The Klaus's literally wrote the book on bonding and what it means for babies and their parents. 2 of the 5 founder's of Doulas of North America.

From the author's of the Happy Sleeper.

Gaber's work is amazing....and so interesting. I first became acquainted with him from the movie "in Utero" (which I recommend for anyone curious about "why" they are the way they are. (deep stuff) 

Highly recommend for understanding the teen brain...compassion and understanding can be so helpful when raising teens.

This book is written by the founder of Evidence Based Birth.

I love to read...especially books on these topics. I expect I will have more favorites to add. 

You're welcome to check back...

                          Podcasts and such...                       

I really enjoy this evidence based podcast and so appreciate Jen's commitment to providing quality parenting advice. I always learn something new and thought provoking. You can subscribe through the website or on apple podcasts and spotify. 

A great podcast also evidence based about birth and the postpartum time. A most helpful tool for those interested in birth and babies. 

what can I say....she's wonderful, and I enjoy learning and being filled with understanding...