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Feel Confident in Your Relationship as You Welcome Your Baby

Bringing Baby Home Workshop

Developed by renowned relationship and parenting experts, Dr.'s. John and Julie Gottman. The BBH program is research based/tested for expecting parents and parents with children up to 3 years old. 

Happy New family.

strengthen your friendship + increase intimacy and affection 

learn how to share your needs to feel heard and understood by your partner +

work through conflict with greater ease

learn how to show up for your baby +

to share the mental load with your partner

learn and better understand newborn/child development + agree on your parenting style, to create your family philosophy

connect, share, and learn from other couples who are expecting or already parenting + find out what is relevant, and essential during this transition.

As your educator, I bring over 35 years of experience as a wife and mom, together with my professional training and wisdom as a postpartum doula in presenting this life-changing relationship program.


Gina is AMAZING! Her energy and guidance really helped us feel more prepared for parenthood and more confident in our relationship and our ability to weather the challenges of having a child. It was wonderful to watch and listen to Gina model how to be attuned and responsive to a baby. Her energy was so positive and calming and we are so grateful for our experience with her.                                    


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