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Parent Child Series 

Infant Massage


"Your baby's skin is the largest organ...

Touching your baby, whether to feed, bathe, and change them or to cuddle, massage and play with them, not only helps them grow but may also release endorphins, which make them happy, reduces pain, and heightens their other senses. According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, infant massage may help strengthen your baby's immune system, improve their digestive systems, increase muscle tone and allow them to sleep more." 


- Excerpt from Infant Massage A Handbook for Loving Parents 

By Vimala McClure.

International Association of Infant Massage Infant Massage - USA


Dads, Moms, Grandparents, and Siblings Welcome!

Learn to communicate with confidence, understand baby's cues, sleep more, enjoy less crying and improve baby's health, digestion and all bodily functions. Loving massage can increase muscle tone, improve baby's motor skills, IQ, teach respect and trust. Soothe, repair, improve security and relaxation for your baby. 

Five-Week Private Session $200*  

Private One Hour Session $40*

In Person or Online sessions available

Need-based scholarships available, please inquire.

*Includes bottle of massage oil and Book.

Special Class

Four Week Online

Parent Baby Massage Series


"My husband and I took Gina's infant massage class series. We loved it! Our sweet boy loves his nightly massages and they've become a meaningful part of our day where we can really connect with our baby."

                             -Katy 2019

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