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sara williams



Gina connected with us and gently, expertly, coached us weaving together relaxation exercises, infant massage techniques and theory, mindfulness, supportive parenting, storytelling/reading, and all things baby! Gina's warmth, knowledge, and positive reassurance transcended Zoom each week and it was more moving than I ever would have imagined. 


katy steacy


I will be forever grateful for the precious moments she helped me create for my family, the reassurance she provided to build confidence as a mamma, and for the gift of having such a special, unique, HAPPY experience during maternity leave in this unprecedented time. Gina was relatable on so many levels, patient, and kind. I would highly recommend working with her!! More.

Gina has such a warm and kind heart, and having her in our home weekly was something that we both looked forward to. More.

teri perrigoue


One of the most helpful things, especially in the first few weeks, was all the information about sleeping and breastfeeding issues. Rather than googling things and having my energy sucked into that, we literally had a walking library come to the house :) It was also incredibly helpful to have the opportunity to get a few naps, get out for some walks to spend one on one time with my older babe, and to have the extra help with household things so I never really felt too buried in keeping up the house.

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