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"Every family can benefit from the support and encouragement

offered by a doula in the

fourth trimester."

DONA International Position Paper:

The Postpartum Doula's Role in Maternity Care. Read More


I am a Certified Postpartum Doula with DONA International and Northwest Association of Postpartum Support. I have been professionally trained in birth and postpartum doula support through DONA International. 


postpartum doula support

Gina Eiford PCD

I passionately believe in honoring families during this sacred time in their lives.I hope to help create a lovebubble of support and compassion, while helping to facilitate the time needed to gain strength, confidence and prowess as parents. As your postpartum doula, I will work closely with each birthing person, partner and family to create their own unique lovebubble of support.

Postpartum care
Sleeping Newborn
postpartum support resources

Postpartum Doula Support

I will be a supportive advisor, a non-judgmental listener and, a helper throughout your postpartum care. I will be available immediately following the birth of your child, if desired. 

I will provide emotional and physical hands on support in newborn care, allowing for plenty of rest and bonding time with baby.

loving arms

I will offer evidence based information on infant care, feeding (breastfeeding and bottle), sleep patterns and soothing. I will offer referrals for any needs outside the doula scoop of practice.

Caring for Siblings.
loving dad

I will offer guidance in family adjustment and coping skills for new parents and siblings.

I will help with the care of older SIBLINGS AND PETS.

I will do light HOUSEWORK, laundry and meal preparation, as needed.

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Postpartum Services

Upon contract agreement:

  • 2-3 Prenantal visits

  • Minimum 10 hours postpartum support.

  • Additional support hours per hourly rate.

Services include in home prenatal visits to create postpartum plan for support, help prepare with baby/babies arrival, support with baby essentials and in home set-up. 

Immediate support at place of baby's birth (hospital, birth center, home) if desired. Once home, all aspects of postpartum support for mother, baby and family.

Postpartum Support Fee:

Upon agreement of services I will ask for a fee of $400. This secures my services for 10 hours of postpartum doula support. Additional hours can then be agreed upon for an hourly fee of $40. These services will continue as long as mutually beneficial.

lovebubble SERVICES

Little one sniffing flowers

lovebubble SERVICES

Virtual Postpartum Support

In the middle of the current health crisis, it is sometimes not safe to offer postpartum doula support to new families in their homes. The good news - we know from families that have physically had a postpartum doula in their home, what matters most, is that the doula is simply just there. There to listen, to encourage, to support moms and dads, and to offer helpful resources as needed.

  • contract optional

  • flexible and convenient 

     meeting times through Zoom

  • grocery and errand support

  • local & online resource support

Virtual Visit hourly rate, $35 hourly.

Virtual Support
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